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Constraints and Challenges

  • The greatest constraint faced by the Uva CWC is the complex partnership structure of the radio and the predominant roles played by state and political institutions.
  • Building and maintaining the trust of local communities, achieving social, organizational and financial sustainability are all significant challenges.
  • Internet connectivity in rural areas is expensive. Until the time of publication, internet  connectivity costs had been borne by UNESCO, however by late 2005, the CWC will need to face the challenge of continuing internet services while still providing affordable access.

Jointly by the SLBC and the Uva Provincial Coucil , the Uva Community radio station is the most independent and influential community station in the country thus far. While carrying their own news bulletins in addition to linking up with the SLBS morning news, the station also broadcasts programmes on issues deemed sensitive, such as questioning actions of both government as well as opposition politicians and trade unionists.


A study of Media in Sri Lanka : A Report by the Centre for Policy


Alternatives and International Media Support (April 2005)     

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