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The CMC has two main facilities: a telecentre co-located with radio studios in Bandarewela and a satellite telecentre co-located in Buttala, about fifty killometres away by road. Approximately 200km from Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. Bandarewela is situated at the southern end of the country’s central hills. At an altitude of 1200 Metres, Bandarawela is ideal location for FM broadcasting and the station’s signal reaches parts of adjacent provinces and a diverse listenership of over one million.


Uva province is one of the poorest and least developed areas of Sri Lanka. lt is geographically diverse from hilly areas like Bandarawela, known for tea cultivation and both domestic and international tourism to ‘dry zone’ flatland areas like buttala, where small - scale agriculture, especially paddy(rice) is the predominant source of livelihood. Both Buttala and Bandarawela are relatively large towns and the CMCs have become increasingly important facilities for local government officers teachers and health professionals.


Uva is served by state radio and television services, commercial radios whose programming originates in Colombo and by national newspapers. The Uva and Giradurukotte Community Radio services are the province’s only local media.

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