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  • Uva Community Radio’s establishment was a breakthrough in Sri Lanka in that the ownership of the station was foreseen to rest with the community itself through the network to grassroots knowledge societies. In its first year of broadcasting, the station set new standards of critical, people – and development oriented journalism, with challenging and even controversial programmes, an impressive percentage of Tamil language broadcasting and a high degree of community involvement. Though faced by numerous challenges, the CWC continues to offer a unique service and enormous potential.

  • From its digital production facilities its networked telecentre facilities, the Uva CWC is among the most technologically advanced radio stations in the country.

  • The CWC has been a major asset to local businesses and civil society organizations, particularly in Buttala and other remote areas, the groups have not only increased their computing capacity, but now have access to low – cost ICT facilities, which saves time and money.

  • The telecentre facilities, which are managed by community - based Organizations, have evolved transparent and accountable structures with local decision - making and strategic planning that has sustained centres to date.






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