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Maligawila is in the Buttala Divisional Secretariat Division of the Moneragala District. It could be reached by trversing 8 miles along the right turnoff from the Kumbukkana Junction at the 154 mile post on the Colombo-Moneragala road. Maligawila comprises the ruins of an Image House and a Monastic Complex in an area of 400 acres. Archeologists believe that Maligawila is the Ariyakara Vihara mentioned in the chronicles. According to the chronicle Culavamsa King Aggabodhi who reigned from 667-683 A.D. had constructed a hospital for the blind and the sick at this place.

The ruined Image House could have been constructed with a vaulted stone roof,  which may have had a perambulatory passage as evidenced from the findings.

The 37 feet 10 inches tall standing Buddha statue which belongs to the 7th -8th c A.D. is in the Samabhanga posture and displays the Abhaya Mudra. The moonstone at the entrance to the Image House is a unique creation.